Project team

Klaus Nickisch, Ph.D.
R&D prject manager

Ze’ev Shaked, Ph.D.
Management and Commercialization Processes Coordinator

Hans Joachim Zentel, Ph.D.
Clinical Pharmacologist

Katarzyna Błaszczak-Świątkiewicz, Ph. D., hab
Chief specialist for pre-clinical research

Agnieszka Krupa, Ph.D.
Senior specialist for pre-clinical research

Ewelina Mnich Ph.D.
Junior specialist for pre-clinical research

Paweł Kowalczyk, PhD
Chief specialist for clinical research

Walter Eleger, M.D.
Scientific coordinator of pre-clinical research

Michael Oettel, Prof.
Chief Specialist and Research Coordinator for Animal Research

Maciej Wierzbicki, Ph. D
Project manager

Łukasz Skrok, Ph.D.
Financial Coordinator

Robert Kochański, Msc
Public Procurement


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